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The Price of Beauty

Sometimes, working with the beauty industry and being an animal lover can lead to conflict. A recent trend- feather hair extensions, may be one of these situations. I am personally not a fan of this trend because it is against the Aveda mission, and the basic morals I represent. Not to mention how tacky they look. Some people are under the impression that the feathers don’t actually come from birds, which is sadly quite far from the truth.

Many roosters are being raised specifically for their long, luxurious feathers under terrible conditions. The birds are given growth hormones in order to grow these feathers efficiently. These injections come with some pretty disturbing side effects. The birds may grow so large, so quickly, that their legs break and buckle under the weight of their bodies. The roosters may be kept in cages so small, they cannot spread their wings and live as birds should live. Worse yet, the meat from these animals is deemed undesirable and isnt being used- and these birds are being killed solely for their feathers.  Most salons choose the cruelty feathers because they are the most affordable and timely option. 

There are solutions! Some salons use only feathers from chickens that are treated the way a living being should be treated, and the feathers are only used after they have naturally fallen from the bird. Other salons use synthetic fibers that look like chicken feathers. The most friendly choice is to use human hair extensions that will add a little color to your hair without supporting the trend.

Please be sure to check with your salon before opting for a feather to understand where their feathers come from. Animals don’t need to suffer for a silly hair trend!

Any thoughts?

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